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Looking for a web designer in Leeds?

Based in Farsley, Leeds, we offer web design services for individuals & small businesses

Our web design & hosting services are perfect for start-ups needing a new website or existing businesses looking to refresh their current website. Ideal for builders, cleaners, plumbers, electricians, joiners, roofers, hairdressers, beauticians, instructors, tutors, sandwich bars, pet sitters, dog walkers & so on...

If you have limited or no experience and don't want to tie yourself into large ongoing costs then please consider us.

No monthly fees

We offer websites online from just £124

Bespoke design

A W3C compliant bespoke web design to showcase your business that looks great on all devices.


Fully featured hosting with unlimited bandwidth. Complete with DirectAdmin control panel access.


A .co.uk domain of your choice (subject to availability) for just £10 per year. We can also provide .com .uk, etc.

Contact form

Spam-proof contact form to keep your email address hidden on your website.

Social media links

Links to all your favourite social media accounts.


Future updates to your website cost just £20 p/h.


We can use your photos or stock photos for your design.


We can create or match your branding and incorporate into the design.


If you need a logo then we can help you with this too!

Email setup

Choose your own email address, anything@yourdomain.co.uk. We'll also help you set it up on your devices.


Whether it's web design, domains, hosting, development or general support, we're here to help!

Cancel anytime

If your circumstances change you can cancel anytime.


All sites are designed with search engine optimisation in mind.

W3C Compliant

All sites meet the latest W3C coding requirements.


We also offer some web development to help you get the most from your site.



Domains from £10p/a

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Designs from just £99

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DirectAdmin Control Panel

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Bespoke web designs with optional social media links & email forms


All of our sites are mobile-friendly and look great on all devices


Our fully featured web hosting offers an uptime of 99.9%

Why choose us?

Low cost | Focused | Flexible

Low cost

Our service can provide you with a bespoke web design, a domain name & web hosting from just £124 & just £25 per year thereafter.


We're small. This means we're focused on your website from start to completion.


We understand that circumstances change! Which is why you can cancel anytime.

“Helping people get online!”

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Carl Saunders

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Frequently asked questions


Can I choose my own domain name?

Yes. Subject to availability.

How much does a domain cost?

A .co.uk domain costs just £10 per year. Other domains cost slightly more per year. Ask us for a quote.

Will the domain belong to me or you?

Domains will be registered with your details.

What if I already own a domain name?

If you already own a domain name then great. We can do a design or design and host service for you. You can then point your domain to the relevant nameservers of your hosting company. So this may be us or whomever you choose to host your site.

What if I want to move my domain elsewhere?

No problem. We can simply transfer your domain to your new provider.

What happens if I don't pay?

If you don't pay, you risk losing your domain name.

What if I just want to cancel?

You can cancel anytime. If you cancel rather than transfer, you will lose your domain. If you want to keep your domain you will need to let us know the IPS Tag of your new domain registrar. Domain fees cannot be refunded.


What do I get for £99?

£99 gets you a single page W3C compliant design of text, graphics, images & social media links that looks great on all devices. You also get a spam free contact form. Additional pages cost from £20 each. Domain & hosting are extra.

Do I have to host my design with you?

No. Once you're happy with your design you will be invoiced. Once paid, we will send you the design files. As soon as you've purchased your domain and hosting you can just upload your design files.

Do I have to get my domain and hosting from the same provider?

No. You can use separate companies for this.

What if I want to update my site in the future?

You will have access to your design files through your hosting company's control panel. You can edit the files or we can do it for you. We charge £20 per hour for updates. Our minimum charge is just £10 for quick updates that take under 30 minutes.


What does your hosting package offer?

  • 2GB SSD Web/Email storage. Upgradable.
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited email boxes
  • Unlimited forwarding
  • Unlimited MySQL databases
  • 10 Sub-domains
  • 10 Autoresponders
  • 10 FTP accounts
  • Cron jobs
  • All PHP versions
  • DNS Control
  • Softaculous (400+ scripts)
  • Free basic SSL certificate

Can I access my hosting account?

Yes, you have full control over your hosting, except you don't have SSH access.

What if I want to cancel?

If you decide you want to cancel at anytime then you can do so. Your hosting fees cannot be refunded. If you do not transfer your site to another provider then you are at risk of losing your site, your emails and any databases that you use.

SQuink Web Design

What's wrong with using a service like Wix?

Services like Wix are great and they can provide you with a great looking website. However, we've often come across websites created with such services that have unfinished pages or broken links because the account holder doesn't really have the time or knowledge to complete their site and test it. This can result in websites that look unprofessional and rank low on search engines. It can also be difficult to move away from these services and take your domain and website with you.

Our service provides you with a personal touch and we'll work at your speed to ensure you get the right information and design for your business. We offer advice and support with no pressure to commit & you're free to host or move your site and/or domain.

We can also offer minor development work such as secure backends for updating areas of your site or providing you with web forms, booking systems, review/feedback pages, etc.

Have another question? Just ask!