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What we offer...

Based in Leeds, SQuink offer web design services for small to medium businesses. We also offer minor development services to help you get the most from your site. In addition, we also offer web hosting and support for our clients.

Bespoke designs

from £150

A W3C compliant bespoke design of typically 3-4 pages to showcase your business that works on all devices.


from £15

Our hosting provides your with DirectAdmin control panel access, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, unlimited databases and 750MB storage. From just £15 per year.


£20 p/h

If you are local to us then we can also take photographs for your design.


from £50

A secure database driven backend to allow you to login and edit defined areas of your site.

SSL certificates

from £0.00

Depending on your requirements, SSL certificates range from free to £399.00



We're with you all the way! Whether it's design, development, hosting or general support, we're here to help!


£20 p/h

Future updates to your site cost just £20 per hour.

Additional pages

£20 p/h

If 3-4 pages aren't enough for your needs then ask for more!


Bespoke designs complete with contact forms & social media links. We also offer some PHP/Mysqli development.

Mobile Friendly

All our sites are mobile-friendly and look great on all devices in all orientations.


Our hosting plans have an uptime of 99.9% and include unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts and unlimited databases.

Why Choose Us

Low cost | Focused | Flexible


Low cost

Our service provides you with a bespoke design at low cost. After your initial outlay, there are no ongoing monthly costs like you would get with WIX, for example. Your only ongoing costs are for your domain and your hosting. If you don't already have a domain and/or a hosting company then we can provide these for you too.



We're small. This means we're focused on your website from start to completion. Design, photography & even small graphics.



Whilst most of our work is dedicated to providing you with a web presence, we also offer small scale development to help you get the most from your site. For example, our secure backend allows you to login and update defined areas of your site as often as you like. Perfect for changing prices or special offers, for example.

Carl Saunders

Helping small/medium businesses get the right website for their business is our mission.

Carl Saunders


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